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IT Support

Is your computer causing endless problems and in need of IT support?

Wizzengineer can get your PC to perform faster with a quality service.

Wizzengineer can provide a PC repair service at your home or business location to accommodate your schedule.

We are specialists in fault finding, pc repair, virus removal, initial new computer set up, software installation, wireless set up, home networking and any computer related task.

If you are having problems with software or hardware upgrades, pc speed or your computer is not starting. Get in touch and Wizzengineer can help! photo8a

We provide friendly service, working to increase performance.

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Introduction To Computers

Introduction to computers is aimed at complete beginners wishing to gain an understanding on the use of a computer.

Each student will work through seven tasks to gain the skill and software experience as detailed below.

Course Overview

  • Brief introduction on the use of laptop
  • Set up, Safety, Icons, Desktop content
  • Microsoft office functions, menus, selection tools, insertion tools
  • Computer menu content
  • Work Processing - using Microsoft Word
  • Creating files & folders
  • Saving/renaming & deleting files
  • Typing tasks
  • Deleting text / Spell checking
  • Page layouts
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph setting / indentation
  • Text searching and inserting
  • Text colours, fonts and sizes
  • Headers & footers
  • Inserting images and other related tasks
  • Spreadsheets - using Microsoft Excel
  • Creating spreadsheet
  • Insert text and data
  • Cell alignment
  • Borders, tables and cell merging
  • Auto fit text, short keys and colours
  • Cell numbers properties, Data categories
  • Creating mathematical functions
  • Editing data, saving data
  • Protecting cells
  • Internet - using Internet Explorer
  • How to use the internet - the way it works
  • Saving data from the internet
  • Search facilities and methods

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