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IT Support

Is your computer causing endless problems and in need of IT support?

Wizzengineer can get your PC to perform faster with a quality service.

Wizzengineer can provide a PC repair service at your home or business location to accommodate your schedule.

We are specialists in fault finding, pc repair, virus removal, initial new computer set up, software installation, wireless set up, home networking and any computer related task.

If you are having problems with software or hardware upgrades, pc speed or your computer is not starting. Get in touch and Wizzengineer can help! photo8a

We provide friendly service, working to increase performance.

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Data Recovery Solution

Has your hard drive been making strange noises - are you getting error messages claiming that your drive is corrupt or not responding?

Is it good practice to ensure you complete frequent backups of your personal folders containing you files which may include photos, music, footage or other document types. This can be done using an external hard drive, USB drive, CD/DVD/HD/BlueRay, ZIP or TAPE methods. Additional methods are available. photo7
Wizzengineer has the data recovery solution in attempt to retrieve your files from the corrupt or damaged hard drive. Whether your computer is failing to power on, unable to read the drive or simply non responsive, wizzengineer will perform the data recovery solution to retrieve data from you drive.

All data accessed by Wizzengineer is treated with strict confidentiality while only being used for the purpose of the data recovery. While Wizzengineer intend to recover all data there may be data unrecoverable. In such case Wizzengineer are not held liable for any data loss.

While taking regular back-ups Why not give yourself peace at mind with the Wizzengineer maintenance cover. Cover your laptop or desktop with express service for a budget cost to reduce any downtime of your computer.

Perhaps you have bought a new computer. Wizzengineer offer a Data Migration Service to move your data over to your new system. This is a great way to ensure your files are correctly transferred whether you are considering a hard drive upgrade or a change of operating system.

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